(Can only be used by the host)
Host- Ellen Johnson
Strengths- No effect vs. Magic
Weakness- Weak vs. Attacks
Rank 1- Light - Divine Power against one target. Does big damage to undead enemies. Damage keeps up as the battle goes on
Rank 2- Cure - Basic Cure spell. Heals one party member
Rank 3- Wind - Blade of Wind. Basic spell, hits one target
Rank 4- DEFUp - Increases the physical defense of the party. Does not increase magical defense
Rank 5- Icy - Medium level Ice spell. Hits all targets within range. Also has a 30% chance of freezing an opponent solid for one turn. If used again and freezes the opponent more, more turns are required for target to thaw out.
Rank 6- WindAll - Wind blades assault all enemies. Hits all targets
Rank 7- HealAll - Medium level Cure Spell. Heals all party members
Rank 8- Sonar - Increases Party evasion rate

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