(Unique Persona to Ellen)
Host- Ellen Johnson
Strengths- Strong vs. Earth
Weakness- Weak vs. Ice
Rank 1- Log Bash - Cray winds up and bashes an enemy with his log weapon, dealing massive damage
Rank 2- Speed - Like AGUp, it increases the speed of the party.
Rank 3- RockBlast - Basic Earth Spell from Cray's time. Deals minor damage to all enemies
Rank 4- Might - Like STRUp, it increases the strength of the party, gun weapons included
Rank 5- StonePillar - Medium level Earth spell from Cray's time. Deals moderate damage to one target
Rank 6- Shield - Just like MgDEFUp, it increases the magical defense of the entire party
Rank 7- Leadership - Cray uses his chieftain skills to boost the party. If used in conjuction with two certain Persona, a fusion spell is released, boosting party morale greatly while damaging the entire enemy party
Rank 8- Quake - Different from the Persona spell Quake. This version is from Cray's time. Deals massive damage to all enemies.

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