Fortune:Verdandi (Belldandy)

Host- Ellen Johnson
Strengths- No effect against Darkness
Weakness- Weak vs. Holy
Rank 1- Grydyne - Gravity/Allmighty energy. Deals large damage to a group of enemies
Rank 2- Diarahan - Like the spell Elixir, it heals all the health of one party member
Rank 3- Posumdi - Purifies one party member's body of poison.
Rank 4- None
Rank 5- Pulinpa - Confuses one enemy. Has a 52% chance of success.
Rank 6- Hamaonn - Renders all enemies unconscious. Has a 48% chance of success. If the target is dark, the enemy dies instantly
Rank 7- Maka Kaja - Doubles one party members magical attack. Works for Persona Users as well as magic users
Rank 8- Divine Judgement - Large amount of Holy Damage against all enemies. Also has a 50% chance of rendering all enemies unconscious.

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