(Can only be used by the host)
Host- Frank Maynard
Strengths- No effect vs. Magic/Absorbs Wind
Weakness- Weak vs. attacks/guns
Rank 1- Cure - Basic Cure spell. Heals one party member
Rank 2- Rapier Slash - Physical Persona attack. Nina attacks one enemy with her rapier. Hits one targe
Rank 3- CureAll - Basic Cure Spell. Heals all party members
Rank 4- Revive - Revives a fallen party member with 25% of their strength and summoning power. If revived person is not a Persona user, 25% of their magical energies is returned.
Rank 5- ZomX - A spell from her time. Hits all targets with the purest energy. Damage is doubled if the target is an undead creature
Rank 6- ReviveMore - Brings a fallen party member back with all energy and summoning power/magical energy
Rank 7- Complete Heal - Restores all health to a party member, also curing him or her of all negative status
Rank 8- Great Bird - Nina transforms into the Great Bird and dive bombs a target, dealing massive damage

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