(Unique Persona to Frank)
Host- Frank Maynard
Strengths- No effect against negative status
Weakness- Weak vs. Fire
Rank 1- Bolt - Medium strength lightning spell. Hits one enemy
Rank 2- Dual Slash - Persona Physical attack. Rei slashes one enemy in his normal fashion
Rank 3- Pilfer - Rei attacks an enemy, dealing low damage. However, he may steal a rare item! Chance of success is 60%
Rank 4- Silence - Spell that silences an enemy, making them unable to use magic. Chance of success is 45%
Rank 5- Speed - Increases the Agility of one party member
Rank 6- Lightning - High level lightning spell. Hits all enemies
Rank 7- WereTiger - Rei morphs into a weretiger, dealing massive damage to an enemy. However, it causes the host to go berserk until the end of battle, or until the host gets ko'ed. Berserk causes the host to attack anything, have Persona emerge without being summoned, and move around in formation
Rank 8- Myollnir - Massive Lightning Spell, comparable in strength to Baptism by Thunder. Deals Massive Electric damage to all enemies, and has a chance of shocking an enemy. Chance of shock is 65%

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