Host- Frank Maynard
Strengths- No effect against Holy
Weakness- Weak vs. Evil
Rank 1- Zandyne - Allmighty Spell. Deals Strong Damage of the Divine Power to one target.
Rank 2- Sama Recarm - Like ReviveMore, it brings a party member back with full health and SP/magical energy
Rank 3- Me Patra - Cures status ailments "sleep" and "illusion" in one party member
Rank 4- None
Rank 5- Marin Karin - Urd uses her charms to try and charm an enemy. Has a 52 % chance of success.
Rank 6- Sama Kaja - Doubles one party member's magical defense
Rank 7- Mudonn - Dark powers render all enemies unconscious. Has a 42% chance of success
Rank 8- Trial of Darkness - Large amount of Darkness based damage is dealt to all enemies. Also a 50% chance of rendering all enemies unconscious

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