Host- Frank Maynard
Strengths- Absorbs most magic
Weakness- Weak vs. attacks/holy magic
Rank 1- Poison - Poisons one enemy. Has a 40% chance of being effective
Rank 2- Bad Luck - Remy rains drops of bad karma onto all enemies within range. If successful, the luck goes down, causing spells to fail, attacks to be less accurate, and critical blows to be received more often. Like with some spells, this has three levels of intensity.
Rank 3- None
Rank 4- Poison Pin - Remy throws poison laced darts at all enemies in range, hitting three times. There is a slight chance that a target will be poisoned.
Rank 5- Throw a Kiss - Remy winks seductively and waves her tail around before posing and throwing a kiss at the enemy group, charming anyone who falls to her looks.
Rank 6- Dead - Instant Death Spell. Remy points at one enemy and drops them dead with evil energies. Has a 45% chance of working, unless the enemy is holy. If the enemy is holy, the death spell works with 100% accuracy.
Rank 7-CandyVoice - Remy sings a song, causing happiness or charmed status effects to all enemies that hear it. Happiness causes an opponent to become so happy that they cease up in their attacks. Has three levels of intensity.
Rank 8- Sickness - Remy creates a virus cloud and sends it toward the enemy group. If effective, the enemies will catch a Flu status effect, making them weaker. Energy is also lost quickly, much like a poison spell but worse.

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