Spells known:

Holy: Healing: Ice: Status Affecting:
Holy Beam- Fires off a beam of pure, holy energy at one target
Holy Barrier- Barrier of Holy Energy encases Maria and anyone close to her, making them immune to dark attacks for a short amount of time.
Star Shower- Rains bursts of Holy Energy down on all enemies, dealing a moderate amount of damage. Damage is doubled if the enemy is undead.
Southern Cross- An extremely powerful Holy Spell. Once cast, cosmic energy is gathered in a cross form, dealing extreme damage to anything attacking her.
Cure 1- Basic Cure Spell heals minor wounds.
Cure 3- Major Cure Spell, heals major wounds
Cura X- Curative Spell that not only heals her, but all those around her. This Spell has been taken from Nina Winlan's time.
Ice Lance- A spear of ice is used against one target.
Frost- A small blizzard is summoned into the area and pelts all enemies with small shards of ice, snow, and sub-zero temperatures.
Ice Barrier- (water is required to be in the area for this spell to work) A barrier of ice is created in front of Maria and her friends using a source of water for creation.
Energy Shot- Kinetic energy in the area is amplified on the bullets of her arrows and bullets, making them extremely powerful for a period of time. During this time, her weapons are also showered in rainbow sparkles, and the shape of the projectiles is altered for more damage.
Armor Boost- Energy in the area is used to make her uniform/armor stronger than it normally is, even to the point where it would be bulletproof.
Haste- Raises the caster's agility for a short period of time.

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