Spells known:

Physical: Status Affecting: Wind: Water: AllMighty:
Scratch- Neko-Chan slashes one target violenty
Poison Scratch- Neko-Chan Scratches one target violently with glowing green claws. The green glow has a chance of poisoning an enemy
Throw A Kiss- Neko-Chan goes kawaii and throws a kiss at an enemy, rendering the target charmed Garu- Basic wind spell. A blade of wind is thrown at one enemy
Maha Garu- Basic wind spell that throws many blades of wind at all enemies
Aqua- Basic water spell. Water bubbles explode on an enemy, dealing damage
Aques- Medium water spell: A small geyser erupts under one target, dealing damage
Zanma- Medium level All Mighty spell, dealing non-elemental damage to one target

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