(Can only be used by the host)
Host- Nate Trinity
Strengths- Strong vs. Magic
Weakness- Weak vs. Attack
Rank 1- Holy - Holy Power vs. one target. Damage keeps up as the battle goes on. Extremely effective against undead and dark creatures
Rank 2- Candy Voice - Gentle melody that is sung by VooDoo. Charms all enemies in range if it works. Has a 50% success rate.
Rank 3- None
Rank 4- ACU Up - Raises the accuracy rating of all party members. Works only with physical and gun attacks
Rank 5- IronPunch - Medium strength fist attack, hits one target
Rank 6- Light - Divine Power vs. one target. Can instantly kill an undead creature, or deal damage as battle goes on.
Rank 7- MAGUp - Increases Magical power of the party. Can be used for normal magic as well as Persona magic
Rank 8- Holy White - Divine Power vs. all targets within range. Can instantly kill undead creatures. Also deals damage as battle goes on

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