(Unique Persona to Nate)
Host- Nate Trinity
Strengths- Strong vs. guns/Absorbs earth
Weakness- Weak vs. water/ice
Rank 1- Gunshot - Momo unloads a round from her bazooka at one enemy. Deals a moderate amount of damage
Rank 2- Heal - Medium level Cure Spell, affects one party member
Rank 3- Quake - Medium level earth spell. Affects all enemies
Rank 4- Vitalize - Like ElixirAll, it heals all the health of the entire party
Rank 5- Ragnarok - Massive Earth Spell dealing damage to all enemies
Rank 6- Raise Dead - Like Revive, it brings a party member back with 25% of his or her health and 25% of his or her Summoning Power/Magical Energy
Rank 7- Laser - Momo shoots a Chrysm Laser from her Bazooka, piercing an enemy and all others behind it, dealing plenty of damage
Rank 8- Hail of Bullets - Momo unloads ammo at all enemies, dealing massive damage

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