Host- Nate Trinity
Strengths- No Effect against Light and Dark
Weakness- No known Weakness
Rank 1- FreiDyne - Strong Nuclear level spell. Deals high damage from heat, effecting one enemy
Rank 2- Kotoludi - Cures one party member from possession. Possession makes a monster appear and use one of it's spells instead of the intended Persona or proper magic spell.
Rank 3- Dormina - Puts one enemy to sleep. Has a 52% chance of success
Rank 4- None
Rank 5- Makarakarn - Erects a shield around one party member to let him or her reflect all magic except curative back. Lasts for the entire battle
Rank 6- Medirama - Like Heal all, it heals some health in all party members
Rank 7- Hieros Glupaine - Inflicts an amount of holy damage to one enemy. Damage is determined by the Persona's experince level multiplied by the current rank.
Rank 8- Multi Dimension - Renders one enemy unconscious, sending it to the void between dimensions. Has a 20% success rate

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