Page of general stats:

Age- Endless
Race- Minor Demon from Lunarvale (JackFrost, Lovers Class)
History- Phen is a JackFrost, a rather harmless minor demon unless he decides to go a little overboard on his pranks. The little demon followed Frank and his friends back to Windia after they had defeated the Snow Queen. He's been following them since they entered the ruins out in Lunarvale. He doesn't mean to hurt anyone, but sometimes, he goes overboard with his little jokes. In fact, he's got a number of demon contracts signed with the Persona Users, but he always finds the loophole...

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- none
Birthday- unknown (rumored to be sometime during winter)
Family- None known, but considers Britney Bendrel his best friend
Fighting Style- Ice Mage, some weak physical attacks as well
Weapon of Choice- Can summon a tiny mallet to defend himself if needed.
Special Ability- Absorbs Ice, and is immune to water magic
Special Element- Ice
Favorite Possession- Spell Card
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Play with Britney, play jokes on people, and just have fun
Favorite Number- 15
Favorite Color- Ice Blue
Favorite Animal- Bluebirds
Favorite Season- Winter
Worst Fear- Anything that is extremely hot
Useless Talent- Has the ability to prank ANYONE, and nearly get away with it. The only exception so far is the Persona Users
Personality Quirk- Phen is a fun loving demon, much like Neko-Chan. He just loves to have fun. Kids though, melt his heart. He adores children, which is why he was attracted to Brit. He also tends to say "Hi-ho" or "Wee-hoo" often.
Nervous Habit- When scared or nervous, Phen will breathe puffs of icy cold breath that are visible to anyone.
Intersting Fact- Phen is a little prankster. He's pulled pranks in the coliseum, in Windia High, in Windia Park, just about everywhere. The Persona Users are the only ones he hasn't pranked, because they always manage to stop him and force a contract from him.
Spells Known

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