Spells known:

Ice: Status Effecting: Physical:
Chill- Standard Ice spell, hits one target with small shards of ice
Chill All- Stardard Ice spell, hits all targets with a flurry of ice shards
Ice Breath- Phen jumps into the air and spews icy cold breath at any enemy in range, dealing a high amount of damage to all enemies hit.
Atomic Bufala- A spell similar to Chill, only that it looks a little different. Rainbow colored ice explodes into shards and hurts one target. This spell is also a key component for a fusion spell.
Joy- Phen does a little magic trick that is laced with energy. The energy causes anyone watching to go into an extreme bout of happiness.
Tango- Phen does a magical tango, which causes the audience to fall into a spell of unluckiness.
Star Punch- Phen winds up and delivers a cosmic punch, dealing a small amount of damage. After punching his foe, he chuckles to himself lightly.
SweetTrap- Phen snaps his fingers and rains a random object (ranging from a potted plant to a copying machine) onto one target, doing some damage.

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