Spells known:

Dragon Transformations: Ice: Lightning:
Ice Dragon- Resistance to water and ice attacks. High defense against earth, wind, and holy spells. Low defense against fire, evil, and death spells. Main attack is Ice Breath, an ice attack to all opponents.
Wind Dragon- Resistance to wind attacks. High defense against water, fire, earth, holy, and evil spells. Low defense against ice and lightning spells. Main attack is Cyclone, a wind attack to all opponents.
Water Dragon- Resistance to water and fire attacks. High defense against water, fire, and wind spells. Low defense against lighting, ice, and earth attacks. Main attack is Raging Storm, a water/wind attack to all opponents.
Lightning Dragon- Resistance to lightning attacks. High defense againts water and ice spells. Main spell is Lightning Storm, a lightning attack to all opponents.
Death Dragon- Resistance to death and evil attacks. High defense against lightning, water, earth, and wind attack spells. Low defense against fire and holy spells. Main attack is Zombie Breath, attack to all opponents that causes them to slowly become zombies. Secondary attack is Poison Breath, poison attack to all opponents. Strongest attack is Death Chime, instant death spell to one opponent.
Artict Blast- Ice attack against all opponents.
Frozen Slice- Powers up the attack on any one of the caster's weapons currently being used in battle. Has chance to do elemental damage as well.
Bolt- Lightning attack against one opponent.

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