Red Bird


Type- Demon
Element- Fire, not magic based, real element based ~birdy is made from real fire :P not magic stuffs~

Strengths/Weakness/Abilities vs.:

Offense/defense/special abilities compared to other magic based and real element based elements


    Strengths: Immune to fire based attacks
    Weaknesses: Offense low vs. Fire
    Abilities: Absorbs fire based attacks, uses them for self healing. Able to meld with fire ~true element, not magic~ and use it to increase offense, defense and evasion
    Strengths: Immune to physical attacks, offense high vs. physical
Status Affecting-
    Strengths: Immune to status affecting magic

Shadow- Offense normal vs. Shadow
    Strengths: Immune to affects of shadow based attacks
    Strengths: Immune to affects of death based attacks, offense high vs. undead
    Strengths: Immune to affects of ice based attacks, offense high vs. Ice
    Strengths: Immune to affects of wind based attacks however wind slows it down
    Weaknesses: Offense low vs. Wind
    Abilities: Cannot hurt Wind itself, but Wind attacks will cause its offense to raise for a while
    Strengths: Immune to affects of earth based attacks
    Weaknesses: Offense blocked by Earth
Evil- Offense normal vs. Evil
    Strengths: Defense high vs. evil based attacks
Holy- Offense normal vs. Holy
    Strengths: Defense high vs. holy based attacks
Lightning- Offense normal vs. Lightning, defense normal vs. Lightning
    Weaknesses: Defense low vs. Water, offense low vs. Water

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