Jason Burnhart's

Page of general stats:

Age- 17
Race- Windian
History- Jason's got a pretty screwed up background. He used to live with an abusive father who constantly beat him and his mother. However, that's changed now that his father, Troy, killed Jason's mother and then was killed himself while trying to run from a couple of Windian Royal Guards. Jason's currently living with Ray Bendrel, a dragon that he used to absolutely hate. Myah, thanks to a long trip though, Jason's gotten over his hatred of Ray and now considers him a pretty good friend. Jason is also infected with a demon known as the Red Bird. He received it from Ravyn, yet another demon who was using Jason as a host for her creation. ~blink~ Anyway, Jason has no way of getting rid of the Red Bird, and is just living his life one day at a time as well as he can now.

And a bunch of misc stats we'll give you anyway:

Middle Initial- T
Birthday- January 3rd
Family- Mother- Jen Burnhart (deceased) Father- Troy Burnhart (deceased)
Fighting Style- Hand to hand/Magic user/Um... =0-o=;; he uses a crossbow... so I guess Archer too...
Weapon of Choice- Crossbow
Special Ability- Red Bird transformation
Special Element- Fire. Jason's one of those few people whose special element actually affects them. Like Kate, it determines how fire based magic affects him. Basically, he's got a very high resistance to anything fire based. Fire type healing magic does little to heal him, fire type harm magic does little to harm him, fire type status magic ~is there such a thing?~ barely ever affects him, and if it does it doesn't affect him for long. Jason's also stronger when he uses fire magic himself. Maybe fire spells cast on him won't do much, but his fire spells cast on other people do a lot more. =0-o=;; Damage from some of his offensive fire spells has a chance to double in amount depending on who/what the target is. Jason's special element also affects him in a very weird way. See, he can't feel heat. =0-o=;; Not at all. If it's a hot day out, Jason could be walking around in sweats and a heavy jacket, and he wouldn't feel hot. This is both a blessing and a curse. Warm/hot temperature doesn't bother him, so he can be in very hot places and be just fine. However, his body still reacts to heat. Even if he can't feel it, he'll still sweat, feel fatigue, etc. And he'll still feel the pain if he's in an area that's way too hot. =^^=;; He just won't feel hot, that's all.
Favorite Thing to do in Spare Time- Strum out a few tunes on his guitar. ~la~ Or go for a walk somewhere alone.
Favorite Number- 13
Favorite Color- Orange
Favorite Flower- Rose
Favorite Season- Summer
Worst Fear- Life
Musical Talent- He can sing rather well and is a great guitar player.
Useless Talent- Can fit three and one half apples into his mouth =^-^=;; He can also juggle really well. He can also reproduce a lot of bird calls flawlessly.
Personality Quirk- Very very very short fuse :P This guy would try and start a fight with you if you told him his shoe was untied. But, even though he's a jerk, he's still one of my favorite characters. =^-^=;;;
Nervous Habit- Mutters under his breath a lot. It's rather odd, he'll just be standing there and then the next moment he's just kinda muttering nonsense quietly to himself. Doesn't speak to loudly though when he does it, so it just sounds like mumbling. He'll also rub his left hand a lot ~this hand is the hand that has the scar from the Red Bird on it~
Intersting Fact- Jason used to be a really social person. Well, not anymore. Now the only people he'll really talk to anymore is Ray, Janet, or Lucy. Jason's way too bothered by recent events now, and he's slowly isolating himself from people more and more.
Spells Known

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