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12/22/04- New LAWH2 chapter.
On another note, there's a very sweet PEZ in my mouth right now. =0.o=

12/19/04- New chapter uploaded for the Windian Trio.

12/19/04- Yea, that's right, over a year since the last update and there's new material. Check LAWH2 for four new chapters.
Honestly though, it's my fault that nothing's happened here. =o_o=;; I've been working on Lendral, and with conflict of muses as a fear, I haven't wanted to touch Torana at all for fear that it would scare away my Lendral muses. But, well, lately I've had such a touching but a nostalgia and appreciation for the Torana crew that I can't even begin to explain that it would have been too painful not to start up here again, so I've started with the updating of the chapters, and now I've got to go back and read everything that I need to in order to get back up to speed with where I am with everything.
There are just too many great characters here, too many unfinished stories, too many ideas, and too much love put into this project for me to be able to continue to ignore it, and I feel really bad that I've ever attempted to do so.
Of course, I am not promising that his is going to be the update-central of the world any time soon =0_o= but I know what my writing muse is like when it comes to Torana, and I know I can slam out three chapters a day if I really feel up to it. I at least plan on finishing the Journal of the Windian Trio and get to work on some of the other things that have been floating around in my head. I want to say I'll get more artwork for the character bios up, but lacking a good computer to color on might make that rather difficult. =~_~=; I'll just say 'we'll see' and leave it at that.

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